Single Source information Server

SSiS Logo The Single Source information Server (SSiS) has been born out of frustration. The intent is to create a single set of database tables that hold all of the common data that a set of individuals would wish to share.

The first part of this project will create a set of PHP pages to edit the information inside a simple set of tables. This will be the first bi-directional applet (DONE). Following on from there will the ability to export some of this data into a format that can be used by the file link feature in HotSync (DONE), a bi-directional PDA sync (DONE) and by an LDAP server applet, the ability to print single address labels onto a Dymo / CoStar label printer, print envelopes and create a mail-merge export for letters. If we can work out or get the spec, we will write a QuickBooks timer export for the datebook, and allow import/export of vCal, iCal and vCards. Logo We will also create an Internet safe version of the PHP interface, using ssl, and a WAP facility for accessing the same data, for use by a mobile phone. Eventually we hope to release the whole system as a stand alone install, a sort of "appliance server". None of this is rocket science. All this technology is already well used. We just want to use it with a single source of data. Nothing fancy, just a simple address book, tasks list, etc

We are now up to version 0.1.8. It contains a set of MySQL install scripts and a set of PHP pages to view and edit the data contained within. Using a MS Windows based Hotsync box it is possible to use the File Link option to import two csv files produced by the database, and 4 Coldsync bi-directional conduits (for the address book, tasks, memo and datebook) are up and running. You can download the files from the project site.

Version 0.1.8 is pretty stable and apart from a couple of tweaks (sync'ing categories with the PDA, and an "all users" option in datebook for holidays and other "communal" events) still left to do, it is frozen code. Unless someone finds a bug, 0.1.9 will be the final beta release. 0.2.0 will be the first stable release. Work will carry on with LDAP integration with 0.2.1.

We also have some documentation, and a mailing list

Thanks to the following people for supporting the project: