SSiS Documentation: Change Log

Added for v0.1.2

  1. Added user table and coldsync palm creation.

Added for v0.1.3

  1. Added database backup to zip script.
  2. Got basic sync subsytem working (serial & single net)

Added up to v0.1.5

  1. Palm sync works properly - all four primary Palm applications syncronise with ssis

NB: There is still some work to be done on the PHP web interface for the datebook as there is no sanity checking on the repeat values, and the wrong data can lock up the Palm Pilot.

Added for v0.1.6

  1. Improved palm sync and added private records and username entries. Datebook still needs some sanity checking.
  2. Started LDAP work.

Added for v0.1.7

  1. Fixed some bugs in the Datebook system and rolled out a work datebook frontend.