SSiS Documentation: Installation.

  1. Set up your Debian box as per the system requirements page
  2. Download and unpack the tarball into a sensible location (eg /usr/local/share or /opt).
  3. Run the mysql create-ssis.sql script (by typing "mysql -u root -p < ./create-ssis.sql" from the ssis/install directory).
  4. Do the same for the create-data.sql code (which adds in some basic data, and sets up a user for some of the scripts)
  5. Create a symlink from your apache root directory (or edit the httpd.conf file) to point to ssis/public_html/
  6. Create a symlink from your appache-ssl root directory (or edit the httpd.conf file) to point to ssis/secure_html/ (This is not active yet, but will be)
  7. Add a SMB share pointed at ssis/exports/. This is used for the file link facility in HotSync. It can be set to read only.
  8. Add a SMB share pointed at ssis/imports/palm-install/. This will be used to load Palm .prc files onto the server for installtion onto a Palm Pilot / PDA.
  9. Edit the any values in ssis/includes/ssis-defaults.php that may need changing for your system. All of the values you should need to change are between clearly marked comments
  10. Add a symlink to the ssis/coldsync/palms file from wherever coldsync expects it to be (probably /etc/palms or /usr/local/etc/palms).
  11. Check permissions on the ssis/exports directory to make sure apache can write to it.
  12. Set up a cron entry to run the backup script for the backup method (see ssis/scripts)
  13. Add the following to inittab:
    1. For a serial port (eg /dev/ttyS0):
      c0:2345:respawn:/usr/bin/coldsync -md -t serial -s /dev/ttyS0
    2. For a network sync (from a HotSync Windows PC):
      c2:2345:respawn:/usr/bin/coldsync -md -p . -t net -
      There may be a better way to do it via inetd / xinetd, but I have yet to get it to work reliably
    3. If you need additional logging, you could try:
      c0:2345:respawn:/usr/bin/coldsync -md -d sync:5 -d misc:5 -l /var/log/coldsync.ttyS0.log -t serial -s /dev/ttyS0
  14. If you want to initialise a new (or reset) Palm pilot, you have to run Coldsunc in Initialization mode. The easiest way to do this with SSiS is to swap the serial cradle to a spare serial port (eg /dev/ttyS1) and run the following command:
    /usr/bin/coldsync -mI -f /opt/ssis/coldsync/users/username/.coldsyncrc -t serial -p /dev/ttyS1
  15. Include the ssis.schema in the slapd.conf file.